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Earn commissions for sending referrals to

Did you know that referring visitors to can earn you BIG MONEY? That's right - and It's as simple as adding a banner to your site.

Everytime someone clicks through from your site to and becomes a member, YOU EARN A COMMISSION. And it doesn't stop there. Not only do you earn commissions from the initial membership sale, but you'll continue to earn a recurring commission as long as that membership remains active.

Earn commission on EVERY signup regardless of how they pay for the membership!

Other programs ONLY pay you for credit card signups. That means you don't get credit for any signups that are made using Cash, Checks, Money Orders or PayPal.

Here's what pays you - for EVERY signup

  Initial Signup Commission Recurring Commission
Monthly Member $8.00 $2.00
Quarterly Member $19.00 $7.00
Annual Member $40.00 $15.00

How much money can you make? Take a look!

  Initial Signup Commission* Recurring Commission*
2 signups per day $24.00 $720.00
5 signups per day $60.00 $1800.00
10 signups per day $120.00 $3600.00
* Based on an average commission of $12.00 per signup to account for expected ratios of monthly, quarterly, and annual signups.

And DONT'T FORGET about the recurring commissions!

They're yours every month that the membership remains active. Take a look at how recurring commissions add up. If you ONLY send 2 signups per day:

  Initial Monthly Commission* Recurring Monthly Commission* Total Monthly Commission*
Month 1 $480.00 $0.00 $480.00
Month 2 $480.00 $120.00 $600.00
Month 3 $480.00 $240.00 $720.00
Month 4 $480.00 $360.00 $840.00
* Example assumes only monthly memberships as quarterly or annual renewal recurring commissions would be paid every 3 months or every 12 months respectively.

Our recurring program makes Your commission checks GROW every single month without you having to do anything extra!

You can choose to have your commissions paid in the form of a check directly to you - or if you're not comfortable receiving a check and may only send a few sign-ups by referring friends, you can elect to credit those commissions to pay for your own membership.

With top payouts, REAL-TIME stats to show you sign-ups and commissions, Banner tracking so you know exactly which banners are working best FOR YOU and a 5+ year reputation for excellence that helps us attract and retain members LONGER than any other site - is your ONLY choice for an escort resource site Affiliate program.

For complete details, click the F.A.Q. link - or if you're ready, click Join Now to sign up.

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