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Q: How much do I get Paid?

A: Everytime someone clicks through to the site using your personal affiliate link code, and purchases a membership, you earn a commission. Commissions are based on the length of membership. In addition, EACH MONTH that the membership remains active, you receive a recurring income from that account. At current membership rates, you earn the following:

Commission For Initial Signup:
Monthly Memberships: $ 8.00
Quarterly Memberships: $ 19.00
Annual Memberships: $ 40.00
Recurring Commission (paid every month that the membership remains active):
Monthly Memberships: $ 2.00
Quarterly Memberships: $ 7.00
Annual Memberships: $ 15.00
Q: When do I Get Paid?

A: Checks are mailed out on the 5th and 20th of every month (or the next weekday should the 5th or 20th fall on a weekend or holiday) The payment on the 5th covers the commissions earned the 1st through the 15th of the previous month - the payment on the 20th covers commissions earned from 16th through the 31st.

Q: I don't have a website - can I still refer people?

A: Absolutely - you can place your affiliate link code in an email and send it to individuals that you think may be interested - friends, acquaintances, co-workers. PLEASE NOTE - we do not allow spamming (mass emailing). If you are going to send your affiliate code link in an email, it MUST BE to people who know you. Any complaints about your affiliate ID being used to spam will result in immediate termination of your affiliate account and forfeiture of any outstanding commissions.

Q: I've seen a few similar programs out there - why use

A: is the biggest, most respected, Escort Resource site on the net. In over 5 years online, has built up the largest national message board and review archives available anywhere. And if that's not enough - consider this.

  • Low Monthly Membership Rates - encourages MORE signups and more signups means MORE MONEY!
  • High commission payouts - even though our membership rates are less, our commission rates are competitive with ANY other program
  • We pay for EVERY signup - Credit Card, Check, Cash, Money Order, PayPal - it doesn't matter how they pay - YOU GET PAID! No other program can say that.
Q: What if I don't want to get a check?

A: For people that want to maintain anonymity but STILL take advantage of earning affiliate commissions, you can elect to have your affiliate commissions credited to your membership account. Credits will extend the life of your membership - who knows - you may never have to pay a membership fee again!

Q: I want to make a lot of money - what should I do?

A: The amount of money that you make is dependent on the number of signups that your referrals generate. The more signups - the more money you'll make. Of course, in order to generate referrals through to the site, you have to have some number of people visiting your site already. If you don't, we suggest that you work on bringing traffic to your own site. You will find many helpful tips, tricks and marketing ideas inside the affiliate area (you are required to be a registered affiliate to enter this area - it requires your affiliate ID and password to enter)

Q: Where should I display the banners?

A: The more prominently you display the banner, the better chance that someone will click on it. We have a number of banners in a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from in our banner farm. Our suggestion is to place them somewhere where they are immediately visible on the page. Remember, every time someone clicks through, it's a potential $8 or more in your pocket - that adds up fast - but if no one can find the banners, chances are you won't be getting too many signups.

Q: How do I know if I'm getting signups?

A: The registered affiliates area has links to REAL TIME stats that show you up to the minute data on the number of people that have clicked through to from your site, and the number of signups and commissions generated. You can check this anytime - 24 hours a day. In addition the reporting can keep track of different banners on different pages in your site to help you determine where the optimal placement will be and what banners work best for you.

Q: How do I sign up?

Its easy . just click on Join Now.

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