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  • Place banners in prominent locations on your site - don't hide them down at the bottom of a page where they'll never be seen and then wonder why you're not getting any signups
  • Change banners frequently - Our tracking tools will help you determine which type of banners get the best results - experiment with different types until you're sure that you're getting the maximum number of click-throughs from the banners you've chosen. Once you've determined which ones work best, change them regularly - visitors tend to ignore things that they remember from their last visit and click on things they've never seen before.
  • Try putting banners on more than one page - give your visitors more than one opportunity to click-through. The more times they see a banner, the more likely they are to finally click on it to see what it's all about.
  • Look for ways to generate more traffic to YOUR site - the more that gets to you, the more you'll eventually send to, and the more sign-ups you'll likely earn commissions on. Make sure you have your website URL in any advertising you may do, exchange reciprocal links with others, submit your site to search engines - ANYTHING that will bring more traffic to your site is a good idea!
  • Use this site as a resource - check back frequently, we'll be regularly adding more marketing materials, banners, exit consoles and other information to help you make as much money as you can through our affiliate program.

Sample Banners

This is only a small sample - The entire selection of banners along with your linking codes and instructions are available in the Registered Affiliates area.

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