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Summers Delight - Boise Escort

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Boise, Idaho
24 Reviews


Yes, Some
No, None
Yes, Fully Shaved


  Review Date Reviewed By Location Recommend Public Comments
Read 10-23-2007 tifosi Boise, ID Yes Summer visited Richmond recently and I am so gl...
Read 07-19-2007 jake502 Boise, ID Yes Yesterday I had the pleasure of traveling to Bo...
Read 06-13-2007 jake502 Boise, ID Yes Summer is one in a million.
Read 02-10-2007 mrfebruary7 Boise, ID Yes (no public comment)
Read 01-04-2007 lookin4afling Boise, ID Yes High class extremely sexy
Read 10-21-2006 adventures Boise, ID Yes (no public comment)
Read 08-29-2006 ilikegirlz2 Boise, ID Yes (no public comment)
Read 06-16-2006 trimmers Boise, ID Yes Highly recommended!!!
Read 05-25-2006 gandc Boise, ID Yes (no public comment)
Read 05-06-2006 CCC Boise, ID Yes (no public comment)
Read 08-27-2005 rodney25 Boise, ID Yes Highly Recommend. A very beautiful woman. I wis...
Read 07-30-2005 oreofan Boise, ID Yes Met summer at her incall location. Truly a grea...
Read 07-13-2005 euphoria Boise, ID Yes A true GFE! This women is truely " One in a mi...
Read 07-04-2005 oreofan Boise, ID Yes Words cannot express what a date with summer is...
Read 05-31-2005 oreofan Boise, ID Yes Another weekend in Vegas with an incredibly bea...
Read 05-20-2005 hughardon Boise, ID Yes No false claims here!
Read 05-01-2005 debugvt Boise, ID Yes A special experience. Summer is a very happy w...
Read 04-17-2005 oreofan Boise, ID Yes Where do you begin when you try to describe a d...
Read 04-12-2005 David Newton Boise, ID Yes summer is so much fun. The best in Boise withou...
Read 03-17-2005 boj Boise, ID Yes Sexy, warm and bright
Read 03-14-2005 oreofan Boise, ID Yes The Best GFE you can ever have. Summer is playf...
Read 02-27-2005 anjinus Boise, ID Yes I have had the pleasure of Summer's company for...
Read 02-20-2005 rickbrown81 Boise, ID Yes Summer is great! She provides an exceptional s...
Read 02-11-2005 oreofan Boise, ID Yes Met Summer for a weekend getaway. It was our se...
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