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Sharon Bond - U.S.A Tour Escort

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U.S.A Tour, Pennsylvania
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29 july 14th 2004
Blonde Streaked
Don't Know
Don't Know
Don't Know


  Review Date Reviewed By Location Recommend Public Comments
Read 04-06-2005 DATY_LOVER U.S.A Tour, NY Yes Wow.. She's a real sweetie.. I have never met a...
Read 08-18-2004 manny U.S.A Tour, PA Yes Made the trip up to CT to meet Sharon. Totall...
Read 07-24-2004 Sinbad U.S.A Tour, FL Yes Gorgeous woman! Intelligent, educated, impeccab...
Read 07-09-2004 scoobydoo196 U.S.A Tour, PA No Very attractive woman. Session was nice enough...
Read 07-08-2004 MasterMan U.S.A Tour, PA Yes GFE (sbs) Do not miss her!
Read 07-07-2004 toddywaddy U.S.A Tour, PA Yes wow
Read 07-06-2004 forbin U.S.A Tour, CT Yes (no public comment)
Read 06-03-2004 Joma Toronto, ON Yes I had a less than stellar session but her other...
Read 05-07-2004 walkingman U.S.A Tour, FL Yes Beautiful, intelligent, curvaceous, responsive,...
Read 05-01-2004 Sinbad U.S.A Tour, NY Yes Sleek like a cat, drop-dead gorgeous, and as ac...
Read 04-24-2004 MasterMan West Palm Beach, FL Yes GFE (sbs)
Read 04-06-2004 MasterMan World, NON-US Yes GFE
Read 03-13-2004 goodjohn West Palm Beach, FL Yes I get to thank Simome, Tony & Tamara for this o...
Read 03-07-2004 XDOG Orlando, FL Yes An excellent provider and a welcome addition to...
Read 02-12-2004 Danny Ocean West Palm Beach, FL Yes Saw Sharon in DC and was highly recommended to ...
Read 12-20-2003 1niteonly West Palm Beach, FL Yes Met Sharon in a nice local hotel in D.C. She wa...
Read 11-19-2003 Sinbad West Palm Beach, FL Yes The woman who greeted me at the door was beauti...
Read 03-24-2003 XDOG New York, NY Yes The crux of what men are all seeking in the pur...
Read 03-10-2003 Jaxboy Toronto, ON Yes Head-turning beauty, awesome body. Very friend...
Read 03-09-2003 jetflyer Dayton, OH Yes one word --AWESOME!!!! DO NOT MISS HER
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