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Diana - Chicago Escort

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Chicago, Illinois
Chicago, Lincoln Park
20 Reviews


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Read 06-26-2015 JeffreyWedren Chicago, IL Yes Diana is a charming and genuinely passionate wo...
Read 10-22-2013 friendlyfire357 Chicago, IL Yes I visited with Diana when she was in Boston. V...
Read 11-12-2008 Veritas New Orleans, LA Yes Diana is well worth a visit. She is pretty, sm...
Read 11-11-2008 enjoy1moment San Diego, CA Yes I have seen Diana several times. So I was happy...
Read 09-08-2008 Hilton New Orleans, LA Yes A very nice and down to earth lady! Into tantr...
Read 06-22-2005 Alst Chicago, IL Yes WOW!! Unbelivable, however in my opinion do you...
Read 05-16-2005 Veritas Chicago, IL Yes (no public comment)
Read 05-05-2005 iago64 Chicago, IL Yes Simply wonderful massage
Read 02-06-2005 nbitter Chicago, IL Yes I think you'll find Diana's opening statement
Read 02-01-2005 fetching rabbits Chicago, IL Yes I had a fantastic time with Diana. I'm definite...
Read 01-21-2005 azjd2002 Chicago, IL Yes I was curious about learning more about Tantra ...
Read 12-27-2004 Praxiteles Chicago, IL Yes I visited Diana for the first time last year. T...
Read 09-17-2004 kleinguy Chicago, IL Yes Diana is one hot chick. A hot body, smart but ...
Read 09-09-2004 yinyangdaddy Chicago, IL Yes Electric results assured for respectful gentlem...
Read 11-13-2003 Jboy8 Chicago, IL Yes Great massage followed by an even greater release.
Read 09-29-2003 Mr_Jaggers Chicago, IL Yes Was in the mood to be pampered and had read goo...
Read 04-07-2002 Wagonchrist Chicago, IL Yes Highly knowledgeable regarding her massage styles
Read 04-05-2002 Dewerscott Chicago, IL Yes Energetic, Funny and super sweet. She really l...
Read 04-02-2002 condor Chicago, IL Yes (no public comment)
Read 02-09-2002 DragonFlyRic Chicago, IL Yes (no public comment)
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