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Thanks to: Bill on the Beach and others.

  1. If you are browsing an online message board, say what area of the country you are looking in. Ask for recommendations in that geographical area.

  2. Read the message or review board for a while just to get the flow of how things work before posting anything. (couple weeks, if you ain't under immediate pressure).

  3. When asking for reviews or help on a messge board, it is always a good idea to also be a contributor. Post your reviews or start off your message with "I saw Sue in NYC and she was ...". Then ask your question. Just broadcasting "Someone tell me something about anything?" isn't particularly effective.

  4. Get acquainted with a couple of other internet sites that contain relevant information. Here is a page with several such links: More Stuff & Links.

  5. Remember that the escort may be a bit distant in the very beginning because she has at LEAST as many concerns as you do, like :

    • getting busted,
    • getting a weird/bozo client,
    • getting a no-show,... etc.

  6. To keep things level, on your 1st time out go with strong local recommendations, ask for "no-tip" price for a time period for companionship, do NOT get trick with detailed questions or cool/hip lingo, and relax and tell her you're a rookie up front and just enjoy the company. She'll take care of life, don't worry about it. See TBD's Lists as a starting point in your search.

  7. Talk w/her by phone/e-mail prior to appointment if possible. Treat her like a person, treat her like a lady. People do business with people, here even more so than the rest of the world.

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