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I have no problem with news being a "commodity", but don't sell me "fat free yogurt with only 25 calories per ounce" when it is really full of fat and 150 calories an ounce (as was a problem on Seinfeld once .... LOL).

NEWS, as compared to commentary, is supposed to be UNBIASED reporting of the FACTS. When it isn't that (and it isn't that by the MSM), we are being LIED to. It's bad enough that MOST politicans constantly lie to us, but the MSM was SUPPOSED to be the one to keep them ALL honest (not be a conduit of one side to help perpetuate their falsehoods). The framers would be rolling over in their graves if they saw what has happened to government and our constitution today, and REAL reporters would be doing the same if they saw what has become of our MSM today.

FOX claims to be "fair and balanced", but most agree that it has a conservative bias (even conservatives). When libs start admitting that the MSM is liberally biased (along with our education system, Hollywood, unions, etc.), there won't be a need for MOI and others to dwell on it. Until then, I want people, especially our kids, to know they are being brainwashed.


PS: The void created by a liberally biased MSM allowed for the rise of FOX and conservative talk radio. Liberal talk radio has been a complete failure because the MSM already has that niche filled and there is no need for it .... BEEP BEEP.

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