Gotta do a double post here till i decide to sign up-never had ur dish but i dont like lobster thsi is killer

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im no connosewer but i been cooking since ten. cook anything now even correct the reciptes online i wondered why when they listed amounts in never made sense so i figgad it was to sell the books.

im to the point i wont go out and eat i like my stuff

only reason i tried this i know it had to be fresh people have a funny idea about fish fresh fish dont stink. they just buy old crap or some nasty sea food market has a group head shoved down a drain pipe by a disgruntled

proof is sushi was my only thing i would buy japs are insane about everything specialy stankiness

ut thsi lobster i put it in maybe 9 minuts small convection oven 300 325 but it was not quite done so upped it to 450 for 6 more along with crab cakes

then i saw the directions later afterwards it was in package slip it said put lobster in 1/4 of water in pan for 30 min at 325 buti wont put that thing in water with stuffin they dont want dummies to dry it out but i ate teh sob it was just warmed perfect didnt have to cook shit out of it. the meat they cut it lengthwise a certain way while its tsill in the shell somehow it was perfect. sweet with flavor thats why no lobster i ever ate had flavor always bland just left that impression in me

trick to cooking is from ages ago w wood stove always temp changing but you do the same thing ina way and use yoru nose. i leave and sit at the puter when somethinsg on i not onlly smell it starting to cook i detect thetemperature change even with running water.

lastly I cooked a boston butt with rub impressed even me. if you put sauce on it kill taste. 450 30 min then 250 6 hours. this thing about hickory wood chips and outdoor smokers lie. itsthe rub shakespeare. shove few garlic cloves in there. emerill cajun season,pepper salt, chili poweder,very little red pepper ground,put fat side up. you can just put emerills salt and pepper adjustit for your taste but its better than the best rib joint here

i mean i ate at rothschild country castle . royal dishes but none of that shit matters when fish just jumping in your boat

now i was gonna say god has only one question on his list when you get to heavan. did you dance? Thats all. meaning did you let the girls be nonsensical because the universe is that way thats the song of the universe makes through them.i.e randomness

p.s. my nana told me not to drink milk with seafood-must be old wives tale feeding time 10:26 seconds in
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