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Re: I don't think Franken will actually resign -- RichAndPretty
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If resignation... why not now? Why in "the coming weeks"? Does he want to stick around for some crucial vote? If so, what? The reconciliation process of the tax bill? Hell, that's gonna be a GOPher process, top to bottom.

What else? Nada. At least nothing I've read about.

But really, the most damaging thing held against Franken is that absurd photo where he pretends to reach out to the boobs of a sleeping (whomever) gal in flak jacket and Mae West (or whatever), posed for the camera for chuckles. Other women have "come forward" (don't they always?), but otherwise...

There really are a few bad guys, and a bunch of not-so-bad guys out there, and I suspect Franken falls in the latter category. Not because he's a Dem, but because it just doesn't seem to be that bigga deal.

I think you're right. The "outrage" of a few Dems will soften after they stop playing to the cameras.


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