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Over the past several days it is alarming to me how many of Mueller's folks are connected to either the opposition in general or the Clinton machine specifically. Every day we see news of another lawyer on the Mueller team called out in this way.

To me this is like the opposite team includes not only the players but also the referees and umpires.

I saw Carl Rove on TV the other night and he claimed it was in the law that Sessions as Attorney General had to recuse himself from matters involving a Trump investigation because he had been in some small way involved in the campaign. The law, he said, specifically included language about campaign associates and supporters.

As well, he talked about how normally lawyers have to recuse themselves because of ethics concerns when asked to operate in opposition to a party with whom they have had an alliance.

So my question is this: how has Mueller gotten away with filling his staff with supporters of Hillary Clinton? Apparently almost all of them are democrat donors and many of them have very close ties to the Clinton machine and campaign. I heard of one who was even the attorney for one of Clinton's aides under investigation.

Does this not bother even those of you who oppose Trump but are fair minded persons?

And what does your attorney ethics have to say about this, and what does the law have to say about this? I am amazed that this has been allowed to happen. This obviously seems to be foul play to my way of thinking, but I'm not an attorney.

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