What Is the MATTER With Guys Like This??

Posted by CPMariner , Sat, Dec 09, 2017, 20:14:14 Post Reply Reviews by CPMarinerFirst Amendment Message BoardMain BigDoggie.net site

We put uniforms on kids, give them badges and lethal weapons and send them "out there", and this sort of thing happens:


What the f*ck? The "officer" had a clear view of the victim's - and he WAS a victim - waistband: front, sides and back, and yet shot him dead because he "honestly believed he was reaching for a weapon". "Honestly"? Or was that panic talking?

I think we're witnessing a murder by a panicked cop with no valid reason for panic. Poor training? Or giving authority and a lethal weapon to a kid with a God complex and a tendency to panic?

Sickening. It's too easy to put oneself into the same shoes as the guy who was killed. I have advanced peripheral neuropathy and couldn't cross my ankles while lying on my stomach if my life depended on it. In this case it appears that it would have, thanks to the "Take control!" training of cops.


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