Does "Reasonable Fear" Justify Police Shootings ? ?

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Legally the "Reasonable Fear Standard" (do a Google) allows cops to kill almost anybody who "might be a threat".  I'm pro law enforcement, and pro "law and order", but ever since my daughter's death (in a scenario eerily similar to your WaPo article) I've been an advocate of "Less Lethal" force.

Why can't two-man police teams have more variability available in both their armament and their training?  The typical American cop has a Glock sidearm, in either 9mm or .40S&W, and he carries the very deadly CAR-4 selective-fire carbine in 5.56X45 NATO (.223 Remington)

Why can't at least one of the cops in a two-man team carry a pepper ball gas pellet rifle?  I've seen cops carry them in Germany and in South Korea, and I once saw a bar brawl in Seoul, which was put down quickly with pepper balls.  All of the drunk combatants were temporarily hospitalized with respiratory distress, but with no permanent ill effects.  Check this out - -

Pepperball Gun vs Thug with pipe - - Real Incident:

Pepper Ball Police Training:

The Legal Issues:

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