Kill them up until the day they are born!!!

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Can anyone be more depraved than this? What is the difference between a baby few hours or minutes before it is born and one a few minutes later in the arms of the mother?

And people think Moore has bad morals?

Moore has won the respect of Alabamians for 40 years. He may have made a mistake and kissed a young girl or girls when he was 30ish and a lot less mature. But I doubt any harm done and 40 years is a long time to run a clean record of service to Alabamians.

But these others who have been shamed - Franken, Conyers, etc, this is all recent stuff from supposedly mature responsible and experienced men. And this position by Doug Jones is one he is holding TODAY.

And you guys here who dump on Moore, I agree your criticisms are possibly warranted. But defend your positions by telling us all here if you would agree that a baby can be killed up until the moment it is born. v, L, savvy, CP - tell us, I want to see what kind of men you really are and just what level of depravity you are willing to defend.

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