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Re: If the the mother's life is in danger... -- vmqbnmgjha
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You can't point to 1 in 100 million pregnancies today where a baby one day from being born is a threat to the mother's life and would have to be killed in order to save the mother. And besides, how would removing it by killing it be safer for the mother than just getting it out alive? A full term baby can't just be sucked out.

But here we are not talking about the threat to the mother's life - this is about ELECTIVE ABORTION.

There are only 5 nations on earth that allow elective abortion after 5 months, and this includes the US, NK, and China.

Jones supports, by his own statements, elective abortion up until the moment of birth.

This puts him outside US law, outside the law of almost all the rest of humanity, and outside the bounds of normal human concern for life on this planet.

The guy is a wacko.

So you have expressed a point of view, you would save your wife, I can respect that. You have more love and concern for life than does Jones. I will take your aversion to answering the question straight up as an aversion to killing the baby just before birth on an elective basis.

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