yeah well his answers vary

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So like many who support abortion he shows no real conviction concerning the rights of the unborn.

He says in one mouthful that he is against late term abortion but then turns his head the other direction and states he is a "firm believer that a woman should have to freedom to choose what happens to her own body" and along with that opposes a ban on abortion after 20 weeks except in reasonable cases of medical emergency.

The bill passed by the House is a reasonable bill, and allows for medical emergencies, but it does codify a ban on late term abortions. The dems of course do not want this, even though it meets all that they say publicly they support, and why is that? Because it codifies a national ban on late term abortions and they want wiggle room for ELECTIVE late term abortions.

This just means that people who are right to lifers can't trust what a guy like Jones says. When it comes to a vote, he will support whatever Pelosi and Schumer are able to advance regarding late term abortions.

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