"Level of Depravity..."

Re: Kill them up until the day they are born!!! -- brownhound
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I don't usually respond to rhetorical questions, questions designed to draw me into a rhetorical trap or questions bubbling up from the poisoned well. Your question falls into the latter category.

But you've asked, and the poison has splashed all over the place... "level of depravity"; "what kind of man you really are". Sheesh.

I favor abortion as an elective decision on the part of the mother. Frankly, I've seen few parents whom I judge to be fit for the role, and an unwanted child strikes me as almost guaranteeing that unfitness.

I do not favor late term abortion. In fact, I think the 20 week benchmark is far too long. That benchmark inevitably invites the line-drawing game -which I dislike - but I see no way around that. My feeling is that 8 weeks is ample time for a pregnant woman to make up her mind, despite the emotional content of the decision.

My feelings about that are based on a 100% subjective standard. At 8 weeks a human fetus resembles something between a shrimp and an artist's conception of an alien creature. That is, it hasn't yet established its "humanness" in my mind.

I understand that an 8 week standard may not take into account the woman's awareness of her pregnancy, and feel relief that I'm not a lawmaker who has to wrestle with such problems.

Your assessment of "what kind of man I am" based on that response is a matter of the utmost indifference to me. Don't bother to respond. I will not argue with you over a subject about which you've clearly closed your mind.


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