Closed mind?

Re: "Level of Depravity..." -- CPMariner
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First, it is refreshing to see you do not agree with unlimited late term abortions done on an elective basis.

I have to hold hope for our civilization that any sane and humane person would not want a woman to have the right to kill her viable baby just before it is born. We are not that cruel to our pets and farm animals.

But I do not know where you get that I have a closed mind. Certainly I have a perfectly open mind and can be swayed by convincing evidence. Just as in the case of learning that the earth is not flat, if I had been there centuries ago, I would have readjusted my thinking accordingly.

And so it would be in this case. If we found irrefutable evidence that altered our science and gave proof that my way of thinking was incorrect, I would change my thinking immediately. For example, if we found proof that a late term fetus was not a human, but instead it was a rock, or a beer can, or a carburetor for a 69 Boss Mustang, I would certainly find late term abortions acceptable.

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