I saw an interview with the 14 year's best friend

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She said the girl snuck out of her house to go be with Moore. She said the girl told her all about it when she got back and they decided she should not go back. And she did not claim the little girl got laid, it sounded more like the she did not get laid.

But they were obviously not upset about the incident. She said the two of them decided not to tell anyone because they felt they had it under control, that they were mature enough to handle it by themselves and didn't need to discuss it with anyone else. Seriously this is what she said.

This did not sound like anyone hurt or shocked or upset about anything. The 14 year old obviously wanted a taste of the wild side and so snuck out to be with an older man - it was her choice.

This is not a comment on the appropriateness of the situation or whether or not it actually happened. Obviously if a 14 year old knocked on his door, a 32 year old man with any sense would not let her in.

But equally obvious, the reason this was never made public before is because it wasn't an incident that bothered the girl terribly and it was only this time that it became such an issue of national attention.

So it is what I would call an "opportunistic" hit on Moore. It was not important as an issue until he became important on the national scene and reporters were mucking around looking for a heroine for the cause.

It is hard for me to consider this woman "abused". It looks more to me like a typical 14 year old out to get what she wanted. And maybe she was even disappointed she didn't get as much as she hoped. Who sneaks out of the house if they are trying to avoid an older man? I remember when, as a kid, whenever I snuck out of the house it was always to get into some delicious trouble ))))

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