I Wonder If It's Really Working Outside the Echo Chamber?

Re: How MSM treated Ken Starr vs. Bob Mueller -- RichAndPretty
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Delegitimization is Trump's game.

First it was President Obama, an "illegitimate" President. That is, until that line was no longer important or useful, and President Obama suddenly became "legitimate". (But now, the pendulum swings back again... leaving the True Believers confused.)

Then it was the press, that "enemy of the people". That's his most important battle (so far), because the press is just as tenacious as he is. But even so, he's delegitimized the free press in the eyes of the True Believers.

Next came the intelligence community, illegitimate because it concluded that a foreign power had attempted to undermine our democratic process. But when the election results were in, the intelligence community became legitimate again. Trump "won"! The problem was reduced to a few million "illegitimate" votes.

Along the way, the FBI swung back and forth between legitimate and illegitimate, depending on whose ox was being gored. Now, it's once again "in tatters". Or more accurately... who's the FBI "obeying" today?

Currently, the special counsel is being delegitimized, abetted by Trump's only friend among the "enemy of the people" press. (One could "legitimately" ask: is Fox state-owned?)

Our country is sick.


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