FBI: foreign contacts need not be listed on disclosure forms

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What a lot of BS!! All this "Russia Russia Russia!!" yack about how Sessions and the son-in-law and Flynn and others did not list contacts with Russians turns out to be NOTHING. (NICHEGO! LOL)

They don't have to be listed unless there is a personal relationship!!

Well this just destroys one of the biggest lines of attack against the Trump administration. All these charges of corruption and collusion by those saying all these undisclosed contacts indicates evidence proving the charges are now running into a big solid dead end.

This proves the media and dems and others on the left trying to raise all this hullaballoo over somebody getting within eyesight or 1 mile (which ever is greater) of a Russian is all just political hackery. They have simply not known what they were talking about, even the Senators like Franken who got all up in Sessions face about contacts with Russians.

What I want to know now is this: Why in hell did it take so long, and a lawsuit at that, to find this out? Was it so that investigations could continue to develop in hopes of finding something else? Is that why all this was not simply put to bed months ago?

What in the world are CNN, MSN, ABC and the others going to do now to fill up the airtime? There must be some nonsense devoid of useful news they can use to fill up air space. Oh, I know, they can go back to attacks on Trump about sexual abuse )))

That should last a few cycles ))

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