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Re: Great summary of team Mueller's conflicts -- RichAndPretty
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...I see nothing - NOTHING - about Cadbury Cream Eggs in there. Surely by now everyone knows that the conspiracy isn't nearly as damaging as the cover-up!

- Eisenhower tried to cover up the U-2 overflights, and look what happened to him!. The 22nd Amendment was ratified in Feb. 1951, just in time to make sure he couldn't run for more than two terms!

- And look at the cover-up of the grassy knoll, and Nixon's cover-up of his "Can't stand pat" comment in his 2nd inaugural address!

- Carter tried to cover up the real reason for the failure of Operation Eagle Claw - the use of rubber band-powered helicopters - buy it couldn't withstand scrutiny by the ever-vigilant GOP!

- Even Reagan's agents, friends and associates couldn't cover up his past history of grabbing Lauren Bacall's puzzy every time they were on the set together, or his tendency in later years to snatch ice cream cones from his grandchildren at birthday parties (his own)." >

No, no and NO! Mueller will eventually be caught snarfing Cadbury Eggs. Count on it. (Have you looked at the pyramid on the back of your $1 bill lately? Proof!)

CP ;-)

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