You know predators, do you?

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Who is Hansen, I never heard of him? He must be on some TV show where you get your vicarious titillating shivers and orgasms. But for predators, I think the word is misused. Now it's a word used negatively to define borderline normal human behavior, things that may happen spontaneously and instinctively between men and women. And it is currently used in this way as a weapon to take down male political opponents.

Take Franken. All over the internet now he is being called a "predator". And for what? He grabbed some ass, kissed some girls and made a stupid pic. That doesn't qualify him as a predator in my mind - he wasn't dangerous. And he did not plan and stalk his prey. I think it was more a spontaneous event, where he could not control his attraction for someone next to him.

No, he is not a predator; he is just an opportunistic little toad who found that because he was a celebrity he could grab some ass on occasion without being slapped. His spontaneous urge was satisfied without negative result. And this went on and on perhaps just because the girls were too surprised to get offended and slap him. But if some of the girls had just turned around and done what they would normally do to any other guy and slammed him upside the head he would have quit this behavior. Then the dems would not have had to fire him, they could have continued to have another of their little closet perverts stay in office as a Senator.

Is Moore a predator? Maybe you know – did he stalk the girl and entice the girl to come to his place or did she sneak out of her house and show up knocking on his door, tempting him to let her in? Was he a predator or just a weak man? I would not know. I saw an interview with her friend, the one person she confided to about the incident and the interviewer purposefully skipped all the hard questions that would have revealed the details about the event.

But if you want to identify some real predators, just go to Vegas and stay in a motel without security. Call an ad for a sexy 25 year old on B@ckpage and see what happens. You’ll find that you didn’t call the 25 year old – you just alerted the entire city to your phone and room numbers. You’ll find that you’ll have to change your room & throw away your cell to be get away from all the predators, many in the 14-17 year old range, who incessantly ring your # and knock on your door, all throughout the night until dawn, like vampires out desperately looking for blood. I promise you that you will never again look at a young girl in the same sweet and innocent perspective you seem to grant them now. Underage girls can definitely be predators.

As can mature women be predators. Right now we are seeing the predator instinct come out in a large way, with the Congresswomen and women Senators in DC. They are all on the serious hunt for any male counterpart who shows a weakness, who can be hunted as prey, and taken down.

So remember whenever you use that word "predator": it doesn't just apply to mature men; women of all ages have a predator instinct in them as well. And they are not shy in using it to get what they want.

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