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Re: You've never heard of "To Catch a Predator" ? You should watch an episode. Spoiler: The men get arrested ;) -- vmqbnmgjha
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I watched a real zany one the other night.

"A Fine Madness"


Sean Connery with Joanne Woodward.

It's a must see if you like Woodward and Connery. Both play characters very unlike the ones they became known for playing.

CP could probably stomach this one much better than "Zardoz", although this one too is really wild )))

My favorite scene is where Connery is supposed to be paid $200 to read aloud his poetry to a group of old hens at their ladies group luncheon meating. His character is that of a poet who makes women swoon, lol. Currently he is down on his luck and prone to drinking, so while he is waiting his turn to perform for them he sits there downing the free champagne and getting drunk. Then instead of reading his poetry and entertaining them he gets off track and starts telling them what is wrong with the miserable lives of women. LOL

The scene ends up in a general ruckus with all these women trying to beat up on him with their purses and umbrellas, LOL

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