Voter Fraud!

Re: Melania, Ivanka Trump botched NYC mayor votes thrown out -- HobbyMan77
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Apparently voting fraud is the same as charity: it "begins at home". And it's not that hard to multiply those three by 1,000,000 to come up with "three million illegal votes!" cast in 2016. Trump routinely practices the NEW new math (including a "rounding error" of $250 billion that has the Senate GOPhers reexamining the chewing gum stuck under their desks).

Incidentally, Florida's absentee voting rules are evidently the same as New York's. For instance, if you forget to sign your ballot on the outside of the envelope - thereby ignoring a screaming warning in 14 point black type - you get sprayed by a squirt of indelible ink that writes "Stoopit" on your forehead :-)

Same with miswriting your birth date. After Trump chose at least four public occasions to remind everyone of his birthday, what did he expect... a deluge of birthday cards, all postmarked "Pocahontas, WV?" (There really is such a place!)

I might have been tempted to send him one. It'd have gone like this:

Money's tight,

Times are hard.

Here's your f*cking

Birthday card.

(And I might have maliciously added "Happy Holidays, Sucker".


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