Re: Happy to see any "conflicts" in WH ???

Re: Happy to see any "conflicts" in WH -- RichAndPretty
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Meaning YOU have not previously SEEN (any)...or that you (too) have simply become "desensitized" ("..I own one of the LARGEST wineries in the United States..." REALLY ?) ??

Trump's whole professional life...INCLUDING the run-for POTUS (I contend the "success" of election was as much a surprise anyone - "success" of enhancing "the Brand" already accomplished)....has been about "the Brand". It continues to be about...the "Trump Brand" (not "America"). I KNOW that.

Daily, THIS White House (DJT; Kushner; Ivanka; DJT,Jr,; Eric; etc) engages activities replete with "conflict(s)". L.

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