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Re: Re: Happy to see any "conflicts" in WH ??? -- Loquitur
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"Desensitization" is the right word for it.

On January 25th, 2017 - five days after his inauguration - trump ups the Mar-a-Grabbo membership fees by $100K/yr... money straight into his pocket.

Foreign dignitaries stay at Trump International Hotel for "only" $650/night because it's "close to the White House". But oddly, they still make the short trip in limos. Saves gas? Riiight.

Then there was that "Wounded Veterans' Rally" held by Trump when he dodged a presidential debate because he didn't like the moderators (wahhh!... guess Hannity wasn't available). Raised $6 million (he said), but was shamed by those Washington Post "enemies of the people" into paying one million - months later - into whatever fund he supposedly created.

And the Gold Star dad he promised to pay $25,000 to, but got "tangled up" in rules governing such payments. Then - again due to that nasty WaPo - was shamed into actually paying up with a check dated the same day as the "delay" was exposed.

Then there was the sudden - unheard of! Trump NEVER settles!! - decision to settle the Trump University lawsuits for a measly $28 million. "Just to clear the table," you see.

Yeah, Rap and the rest do know those things and many others like them, such as Federal law 5 U.S.C. § 3110: anti-nepotism. No doubt in my mind about it. But it's a "means to the ends" thing. Having bitten into the "supply side", "lower taxes", "balanced budget" shit sandwich, their taste buds have become desensitized.

They'll accept a so-called president who's set the ethics bar so low that a garden snake can't crawl under it, as long he professes to support their "goals".


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