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Re: "private ballots" ?? -- Loquitur
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My reading of it points to the requirement in the law to protect the privacy of the voter in every aspect of voting, including the contents, whether or not you are registered, whether or not you have been denied registration, anonymity in absentee ballots, privacy screens when voting, and soon.

So a search in the law pdf on the word "privacy" and you will find 43 hits that cover every aspect of voting. It is not just content that is covered by the privacy rules, it is every aspect of the voting.

It is obvious that these officials violated the law in even acknowledging the name of someone who tried to vote.

I do not know what the penalty is for this, but it is considered this:

"an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy pursuant to the provisions of subdivision two of section eighty-nine of the public officers law and shall constitute a violation of this chapter."

And this covers even if they had been turned away at the polls for improper registration. This information is considered a matter of personal privacy of the voter (or intended voter) and is not to be made public.

The New York election law is here:

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