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Re: So, you'd have a problem with Trump supporters doing the investigation? -- RichAndPretty
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...locating investigators with no political leanings at all. Good luck with that.

And where is it written that I "didn't have a problem with pro-Hillary people doing her investigation"? I don't think that subject ever came up; or if it did, that I took part in the discussion.

If you're talking about Comey, my recollection is that he could've been perceived as "pro-Hillary" (recommended no criminal charges), then "anti-Hillary" (his memo to Congress in re Abedin's laptop), and then "pro-Hillary" again (nothing found in the laptop).

Name your poison, cousin. Pick and choose. What the hell, everybody else is doing it... (which is the essence of "whataboutism").

Tarmac. Tarmac. Tarmac. (Whatever became of Benghazi?)

Assuming a carefully planned and skillfully executed conspiracy to "accidentally" meet on the tarmac - where nobody in the AG's entourage questioned the scheduling of preplanned events and meatings, and the pilots and co-pilots simply shrugged through filing their flight plans with complete indifference - what sort of leverage do you think ol' Bill had on Lynch to strong-arm her into going easy on Hillary?

- His powers of persuasion?

- Threatening to withdraw the invitation to Chelsea's next birthday party?

- Exposing her ethnic status as "Blackish"?

- Mentioning Vince Foster with a wink and a nudge?

I leave it to others to construct those "tangled webs".


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