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Re: Trump thinks IAs are against him, because they are -- RichAndPretty
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"Trump thinks IAs are against him, SO they are".

Trump thinks it. Trump tweets it. It becomes "truth".

You just haven't sorted it out yet, have you. We now live in the post-factual world. "Ignorance is Strength", and so on. As described earlier, and ignored (sob... my feelings are so hurt), Trump's MO is now plain for all to see.

Delegitimize! It used to be "marginalized", or in special cases, the dignified martyrdom of being "disappeared". But now? "Delegitimize"! The papers say mean things about him? "Fake news! Illegitimate!" The FBI fails to prosecute chosen targets? "They're in tatters! Illegitimate!" The intelligence community unanimously agrees that Russia attempted to tamper with our election? "No basis! Fake! Illegitimate!"

So at the end of the day, Trump and Trump alone speaks the "truth". And ever better: "Only (he) can fix it!" (With "it" being "carnage" everywhere you look.)

Some days it's fascinating to have a lunatic in the Oval office. Other days it's... scary.


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