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Re: Bad nominee vs. corrupt DOJ/FBI (yeah, ya got me) -- RichAndPretty
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movement within the FBI/Justice was dedicated to derailing the Trump campaign ? That simply ignores the reality of our recent history. Comey's decision(s) to "open mouth, insert foot" (re: "HRC investigation") ? Was THAT some....convoluted "plan" to actually ASSIST Clinton ?

The "possibility" FBI/DOJ not objective and fair...have become politicized ? Vigilance is one thing. Conspiracy theory another. To view ANY of Washington establishment/elite as "pure" ? Naive. Inclined to view mid-level FBI/DOJ personnel ("career professionals") as those engaged with the actual "mining" of investigations ? NO, I am NOT "seriously" concerned.

In stark contrast to you ? I remain much more concerned with the specifics (known & evolving) of actions engaged "on our behalf" by Flynn, Manafort (& other Trump "surrogates") which had been (or were being) directly compensated by non-US entities/interests. L.

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