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During the period that Flynn was representing Turkey's interests, what were his objectives? His marching orders? Given that the "Kurdish question" is a huge running sore covering Turkey, Syria and Iraq, it would be foolhardy to ignore Flynn's possible role. With Turkey as the leading player in that ungodly mess, what role did Flynn fill? And for whom? Did his interests align with U.S. interests regarding the Kurds? If not...

As for Manafort, there's way to know (that I know of), but the stakes between the RF and Ukraine are very high. While Ukraine might not qualify as a "vital national interest" of the U.S., I think it's fair to say that Russian revanchism does.

If you're Putin and want to restore as much of the old USSR's hegemony as you can, Ukraine is the obvious place to start. So yes, Putin did manage to snatch Crimea in a sort of Anschluss, but a border war in Eastern Ukraine continues to sputter along.

I'll be the first to point out that Russia is nowhere near being the conventional forces superpower it once was (or appeared to be) when counted as the leader of the Warsaw Pact, but... Russia vs. Ukraine??

In that, something's rotten in the state of Denmark. Many other political/diplomatic issues may account for that endless David vs. Goliath border war, but to discount Manafort's shenanigans in the Ukraine coup and subsequent events requires one to believe he was over there just shopping for sugar beets.


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