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Imagine if Sessions appointed a Special Prosecutor to go after Hillary, and he appointed numerous investigators who had expressed, not just a preference for Trump during the election, but actual hate for her. "Hillary must not be elected under any circumstance".

Suppose they started indicting Hillary's aides like Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills for lying in an effort to get them to flip on Hillary. How about if they offered her IT guy immunity if he "cooperated"?

Oh hell, why stop at Hillary? Obama stonewalled lots of investigations. Looks likes the above guys are making a damn good case of "obstruction of Justice" against him too.

I think you might take it a little more seriously.


PS: BTW, I'd object if I thought the above investigators weren't objective and fair, and I'd certainly take their expressed hatred for Hillary as a strong evidence of it (but that's just MOI.... BEEP BEEP).

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