So, I should "suppose"....

Re: Suppose it was reversed -- RichAndPretty
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Hilary &/or Obama were....IN OFFICE...calling the "shots" (as POTUS) ? Fanciful scenario, & rather appealing (to me). IF they were ? Your point might be (comparatively) valid. They're not (& were they, Sessions would be nowhere NEAR DOJ). It's not. L.

PS. What you would do/how you would react, in hypothetical s ? Well, "real time" demonstrations in actual events are far more...persuasive. Kinda why I posed that "Judge" Talley matter/question (which you really did NOT address - merely "bad nominee") - REALLY ? Trump "error" (simply a "mistake" - or MORE there...there?); and, what of the committee APPROVAL (Pubs unanimous) ??

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