Imagine someone suggested Talley and Trump nominated him

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Now, let's get back to an IRS officer apologizing for targeting political opponents, then deleting her emails, destroying her hard drive with a hammer, and then taking the 5th. Ho hum, no corruption in our government.

AG held in contempt of congress for the first time in history for not complying with their requests. Ho hum again, no big deal (if you're from Chicago).

Or, we could rehash the Sec. of State intentionally going outside regular norms of communication in an attempt to shield herself from FOIA requests, and then repeatedly lying about it. Of course, with our "objective" Obama DOJ/FBI, no corruption here either. Hell, her husband meeting with the head prosecutor (in attempted secret) one week before she is scheduled to finally testify (btw, after the conclusion had been pre-determined) is also beyond question. Every prosecutor does that, right?


PS: It's not just conspiracy "theory" when the facts are obvious.... BEEP BEEP.

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