Nail On the Head? Probably

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This guy's thoughts match mine:®ion=opinion-c-col-left-region&WT.nav=opinion-c-col-left-region

...except I doubt there's a "Trumpian Trap" involved. He's just not that smart. Nonetheless, celebrations are premature in the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races, as well as the Senate brouhaha in Alabama.

Are they precursors of a sweep in 2018, as so many Dems hang their hopes on? Doubtful. In fact, improbable. Virginia was the real thing, but New Jersey had the "bridge curse" hanging over it, and Alabamans briefly stepped out of character and passed up an opportunity to poke a stick in the "eastern elites" eye. Why? Because the Pub candidate was such a scumbag that even stickers on pickup trucks couldn't carry the day.

The thing is... Trump "sorta" won the 2016 election by convincing a substantial minority of voters that the country was headed to hell in a handbasket. Our "middle class" was in ruins. Our allies were taking advantage of us. Other nations (except Russia, oddly) were laughing at us. Illegal immigrants were taking our jobs.

None of that was really true, but he managed to pull it off. Middle class in ruins? Hardly. Having spent a century defanging labor unions, the GOPhers finally managed to take away the "American Dream" of the 3/2 house, two cars in the garage, a college education for the kids and two cats in the yard. Having reduced labor to "every man for himself", they pulled it off.

Were our allies taking advantage of us, or were we complicit in those alliance because it served our interests?? I'll leave that for others to argue.

Were other nations really "laughing at us"? Trump would naturally think that way because - in his opinion - they were getting the better of the deal. And nobody laughs at Donald Trump! (Except just about everybody who doesn't have to deal with him.)

Illegal immigrants were indeed taking jobs. Polishing floors on the midnight shift. Emptying wastebaskets. Riding the jump rail on trash trucks and trimming our hedges at below minimum wage with no withholding on cash wages.

And nothing's changed! By November, 2018, Pubs will be pointing to low unemployment numbers (4.1%, down from 4.3% at the end of President Obama's terms), a raging stock market! (which was already raging at the end of President Obama's terms... but look out, Pubs!), but lackluster GDP growth because - somewhere along the line - that "trillion dollar infrastructure infusion" got lost in the shuffle... somehow.

So, Dems, hold your applause. It ain't over 'til it's over, and Trump (and his cohorts) have proven that a silk purse can be made of a sow's ear. All they have to do in 2018 is what they did in 2016; throw shit on the wall and see what sticks.

My advice to Dems: run on your record! Great advances have been made in the structure of American society since 1933 onward. There's no need to "advance" anything "new and exciting". Improve on what you've accomplished, and let the opposition's "record" stand on its own.


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