Yet their privacy was violated

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Your argument assumes the violation of privacy only occurs with regards to the contents of their private ballot. Read the law L. Search the pdf on the word "privacy" and see what you find. You are not supposed to divulge any info about the voter, not even if they were denied in their voter registration. And your name is not even supposed to be divulged as being a registered voter except for use by the election commission. If you want to show me where I am wrong, show me in the law.

The fact is, the EXISTENCE of their private ballots was disclosed, a violation of their privacy. And the STATUS of their private ballots was disclosed, as well a violation of their privacy. It makes no difference that the actual contents of their private ballot was not disclosed. Other aspects of their vote, including a confirmation that they tried to vote, were disclosed.

And the reason it was a violation is not because the info got out there, but because it got out there from election officials. If the press had dug this up by watching in public and not getting the info from an election official there would not have been a violation.

See I should have been a lawyer, I can't believe how easy this is. I would have been a great junk yard dog and made millions off these guys who are probably just too lazy to read what the law says. Yeah, man, I should have been a lawyer. Then I would not have to pay my lawyer $350 an hour. And I could defend myself against sexual abuse charges. I might want to keep it on the down low however, about being a lawyer. A lot of folks look down upon lawyers these days. Well, anyway, it's a lot to consider. "Our Man Flint" just came on, I think I'll go watch that. Flint is a great role model for men, you know. There is almost nothing he can't do - he doesn't have to hire any consultants and he never runs out of cash and he gets all the girls ))

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