The Media's Democratic Ties

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During the Obama Administration, many members of the media floated in and out of the administration and in and out of leftwing blogs and think tanks. They are still around with many of them serving as reporters and their leftwing friends as active members of the Democrats' "resistance." They trade information and shape each other's worldviews and I am not convinced the heads of media outlets are doing enough to push their reporters to separate their worldview from the facts at hand. As a result, we are not getting the whole truth, but a narrative within which facts are shaped to advance the narrative.

There is a pretty substantial symbiotic relationship between the political left in Washington and the media. While a few people went from the media to the Bush Administration, it was never like it was with Obama....

It's not that these reporters cannot be fair. It's that many of them do not even realize their biases and left-leaning pre-suppositions are tripping them up.


PS: But many do know it, and they don't care.... BEEP BEEP.

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