Flippant...in respect to lifetime appointment ?

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To be clear ? I actually do NOT find his lack of ANY trial experience to be...of itself..."disqualifying". It is "other" matters I find so.

Trump submitted his nomination on Sept 7, 2017 (may one presume that came as no "surprise", to Mr. Petersen ?). A nomination to serve as U.S. District Court Judge - a lifetime job appointment - as a (primarily) TRIAL JUDGE (both civil & criminal). The Hearing subject of that video (which went "viral") occurred December 13. That would be 1 day short, of NINE weeks latter (after nomination submitted).

Now, faced with hearing(s) concerning such a "plum" appointment, might one expect "preparation" by one whose successful appointment would place him/her in a particularly powerful position ? Reasonable to expect even menial prep would include at least some passing understanding of (as examples): BASIC pretrial Motions (Motion in Limine); and, thresh-hold standards concerning admissibility of "expert evidence" (Daubert = "is it astronomy, OR astrology").

The editorial linked below ("Popehat/Ken White") - apparently a longtime blogster (whom I've never before read/visited - that I can recall, anyway) - fairly well expresses my view of the matter (in more detail). As Mr. White, I certainly have no "quarrel" with Mr. Petersen (beyond wondering just "what" he did, to prepare ?). Moreover, the FACT the ABA found him (reportedly) "qualified" ? I find THAT mystifying - hell the Senate yesterday approved an appointee to 8th Circuit appellate bench, whom the ABA had deemed "unqualified" (gesh...just how "unqualified" must HE be ?).

I view Federal Judiciary appointments (NOT just SCOTUS) with special interest - BECAUSE they are lifetime. In my professional life (now retired), I was privileged (& honored) to appear before many very good/very distinguished members of the Federal Judiciary. It bothers me (greatly) to witness that process (judicial hearings in Senate) diminished. L.
Related link: http://www.popehat.com/2017/12/15/i-have-almost-nothing-bad-to-say-about-matthew-spencer-petersen/

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