I'm sure the privacy rules vary state by state (EDITED FOR SAVVY)

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makes me want to read our Virginia election law

Edit: (I'm out of my 5 posts for today, lol)

The NY law is clear:

"9. Disclosure of voter registration information, including a declination to register, by a participating agency, its agents or employees, for other than voter registration purposes, shall be deemed an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy pursuant to the provisions of subdivision two of section eighty-nine of the public officers law and shall constitute a violation of this chapter."

And then there are 42 other "privacy" instances protecting other aspects of voting.

It is strange that they would put that in law and then enable anyone to get info off a website.

That said, however, the sides are lining up on this and it looks like the left will not want to disclose information to the purposes of Trump and the right will want to get full access to all info.

Normally I would think of the left as wanting a bigger more intrusive federal government and the right wanting to limit government and protect individual rights to privacy. But in this case we will probably see the roles reversed, so that the left can protect illegals and the right can make inroads on them.

I can see that in this case the ends justifies the means and law or political philosophical conviction be damned.

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