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Re: You (as well as RAP, it seems) appear.... -- Loquitur
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the word private can have two meanings - one, where the private ballot means it is not open to view by others, just known to the voter. The word is used in this way in union election law where the unions prefer ballots where everyone knows how you voted. The unions do not want private ballots.

The other would can refer to a vote that is not a government vote, such as a union vote. The unions hold private ballots (elections) where the contents of the individual ballots are public.

Moreover, the term "private ballot' can refer not just to the envelope itself but also to the entire system of voting.

RAP obviously meant "private" in the context of a public election (ballot) where privacy surrounds the individual voter and his vote.

But you seem to argue that the only thing to be considered "private" about a private ballot is the content, which is just not so in NY.

The privacy of their private ballot was violated, not because the contents had been disclosed, but because the existence of their private ballot was disclosed, along with the confirmation that they tried to vote. The "private ballot" (system of voting) in New York law includes not only the content but also everything else about the process involved in voting, including even a bar on the disclosure of those people who tried to register to vote but were denied registration! Privacy is intended in NY to shroud everything about voting, coming and going, from start to end.

I don't know what can't be understood about this, it is damned clear. But perhaps you did not see the intended humor in my post either. Don't worry about it, none of it is important.

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