New York Is Even More Lenient

Re: I'm sure the privacy rules vary state by state -- brownhound
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Your assertion that the law was violated by disclosing the info is flimsy at best. Access to info is not to be used for commercial purposes. Depends on the definition of "commercial". It's public info available to anyone paying the fee.

Beyond the standard name, party, gender, DOB, stuff New York State will sell even more detailed info than other states including

- Method of registration (DMV, USPS, etc)
- Reason for removal (if applicable)
- Active or inactive military
- Last 5 years election participation

For a fee, you can export the data into your own customized Excel spreadsheet.

This notion that voter registration info is private and sacred is pure bunk. That's why I argued for the States to turn it over to the Election Integrity Commission earlier this year.

You can argue until the cows come home that this is private info and should never be made public is amusing.

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