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Re: Tarmac: FBI originally said no related documents existed (FOIA proved otherwise) -- RichAndPretty
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"...if two of them are dead."

- Ben Franklin -

About that "secret" Phoenix tarmac meating, think: Franklin. A little research shows that Lynch arrived aboard a Gulfstream V, which is assigned to the DOJ for use by the AG and the FBI Director, as well as other high-ranking officials from time to time.

- Crew, 4; passenger capacity, 14

I was unable to determine the type of plane Clinton arrived in, but it's a fair bet that it wasn't a Cessna 75. So let's assume he arrived in the tiniest and cheapest corporate jet available, the Eclipse 500.

- Crew, 2; passenger capacity, 4

Phoenix International Airport handles 1,200 aircraft operations per day, one of the busiest in the U.S. Its staff is commensurate with it operations.

- Ground Controllers, 10 on duty at all times, rotating 34 altogether.

- Tower control, 26 personnel

- Freight handlers and drivers on the field, 212

...and that just scratches the surface of those who could see what was happening on the "tarmac", not to mention diners in the numerous restaurants and lounges that overlook the field (and the tarmac).

Although the vast majority of people in the area weren't in position to see Clinton walk to Lynch's plane and back, those who were in position constituted a shitload of people.

Some "secret meeting". In fact, it could hardly have been more public.

But the zombie is on the move, and can't be stopped.


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