Davin and RAP covered what I did not have time to cover

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So I will just say this: I think we should have Ol Bill show up in public under oath and explain just how it was that he and Lynch were "coincidentally" in the same place at the same time.

I'm betting that a good sleuth could come up with evidence that Ol Bill changed some schedule in order to catch up with her. Let's find out if flight plans were changed or just how far in advance his plans were for bringing him there.

I believe this was definitely a planned covert meeting, at least on the part of Ol Bill. He could have found out where she was going and maneuvered himself into position to surprise her (would that make him a stalking predator, lol?). But CP has hit on the fact that it was possible to catch them, so it was not spectacularly planned - and they were caught. Since it was planned but not well planned, they probably left some trails of how it came about, or how Ol Bill managed to get there with her. I want to know all about his plans before the meeting and where he was going that put him there with her (what was his supposed final destination?), and whether or not he changed any prior plans to get there.

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