Emails point to something other than a coincidence

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The emails make it look like the FBI did not think it would be made public. This is obvious from the emails that show them scurrying around in a surprised and annoyed manner to look for the leaker of the story.

So if it was so easy to find out about the event, what does this say about the ability of our FBI to plan, co-ordinate and hold a private undercover meeting? But maybe you are convinced it was entirely coincidental?

And do ground crews and tower controllers look at passenger manifests? I do not know the answer to that question, but how would anyone know the identities of those in the planes on the tarmac? I am just asking, for all I know this is common knowledge.

Maybe Ol Bill should be called to testify under oath how he and Lynch just "happened" to be sitting on the same tarmac at the same moment? Same with Lynch. Same with flight crews and tower operations folks. Let's find out if this was just a coincidence or if it had been planned.

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