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CP - You've "ranted" about this before, and I let you get away with it. But, your argument/explanation is virtually worthless. Yes, your numbers of aircraft and personnel at the airport (commercial side) is within the realm of reasonableness. But, Lynch and Clinton were on the far South side of the airport at the Private Ramp between Swift Air and Cutter. Nobody on the commercial side can even see that ramp !! Privacy matters to people that travel on private jets. Hence the word

Plus, I have never seen a Gulfstream with a crew of four. Maybe because I never worked for the government. And, I really doubt that Bill Clinton has ever seen the inside of an Eclipse 500.

Sorry, but your explanation about "a public meeting" or "a meeting in public" doesn't hold water. They were both in "private" jets on a "private" ramp. If not for a Phoenix TV reporter that was there for other reasons (and was a little sneaky with his camera) nobody would have ever known that the meeting took place. Is that what you prefer ?

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