Have I Ranted About This Before? I Don't Remember the Occasion.

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I'm familiar with the layout of numerous large airports but not Phoenix. Reaching back in memory I've never seen a private field that comes anyway near to being "private".

I'm fairly sure the term "private" in this context refers to the fact that it doesn't handle "commercial" traffic.

The Gulfstream V - crew size: like prior Gulfstreams, Lears and other private aircraft in the same passenger capacity class, the crew consists of one pilot, one co-pilot and two cabin stewards at full capacity. The crew is four. (Unless you think co-pilots mix the martinis while the honchos... honch.)

The quip about Bill and an Eclipse 500 was intended as sarcasm.

Finally, "What would (I) prefer"?

Umm... I really don't give a shit about this subject. Like you, sometimes I just hang around, other times I jump in ;-)


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