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What's this all about, anyway?

Let's assume HRC is a crook. Yes, let's "cut to the chase". Trump is in a position to do what he wanted to do and then didn't want to do and then did want to do again, so he can make a prosecution happen.

(When has he ever let "custom" or "tradition" get in his way? And since he's always right, so what if his approval rating drops a couple more points. So what if he has to fire DOJ personnel all the way down to Deputy Assistant Secretary to the Assistant Deputy to the Attorney General? What if he did shoot someone on 5th Ave.?)

(Is there an "irreducible minimum" to approval ratings, by the way?)

Let's work on this as parallel grass roots campaigns, the objective of which is to bring the crook to justice.

- You work to prosecute Hillary, and...

(Oops, did I "crook", singular? My bad.)

- I work to prosecute a few dozen Wall Street thieves and schmucks who got away with bringing the U.S. economy to its knees and are still running around loose, enjoying life...(those with the capacity for enjoyment.)

Sounds fair to me. But if you're still wary, how about this? I'll give you just three Wall Street azzholes for your one Hillary!

CP ;-)

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