Many advantages for Feds, States, and Entrepreneurs . . .

Re: Yellowstong, Glacier, Yosimite, -- CPMariner
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1.) Laid off park rangers can be re-hired and re-trained as border patrol agents.

2.) States can lease or sell to developers, big income for the States, either way.

3.) The Bureau of Land Management goes away.. Those clowns can also choose between lay-offs or transfer to border patrol..

4.) A special place for the Democratic Party national headquarters could be built on top of the Yellowstone super volcano (wink, wink)

Example of my Personal Interest:  The State of Georgia owns and maintains Jekyll Island, but building lots are available for a 99-year lease.  Hell, I might be willing to return to the USA if I could buy or lease land on Cumberland Island, just for example..  ("..but my ex-old-wife and all her attorneys can still go fück themselves, I'll never pay a dime in alimony, never, not even if I return under my real name..")

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