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Re: Many advantages for Feds, States, and Entrepreneurs . . . -- Iron Worker
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Developers. They're a rapacious bunch, utterly indifferent to our heritage as long as they can turn a buck.

With population growth in all sectors, development of housing and supporting retail operations is inevitable, but like most folks I've seen the outcome. The east coast of Florida used to be a thing of beauty, with hundreds of miles of beaches open to the public. The state stepped in - here and there - to create public beach parks, but the east coast has essentially turned into a solid wall of high-rise condominiums from Miami to Melbourne.

It's all been legally done, with transfer from private owners to developers and back to private owners, but due to the State Legislature's indifference to Florida's heritage of beaches... they're all but gone.

The town and environs of Manassas fought and won a many years' long battle against Disney, who wanted to turn the Bull Run battlefield into a theme park. Likewise Antietam National Battlefield Park versus another big bucks developer.

I don't think about such things very much, but aside from some "preservation society", I wonder how strong the objections would be against blowing up Independence Hall in Philadelphia and replacing it with a high rise office building.

On balance, I've visited most of the major national parks in the U.S. and am very glad they're there. They trigger all kinds of ancestral memories, and preserve our heritage as seen through the eyes of the first settlers, trappers, explorers and surveyors who saw what a thing of beauty we'd stumbled across.

Mt. Whitmore turned into rolling fields of cookie cutter condos... makes me slightly ill.

(BTW, speaking of park rangers... what wusses we've become! The son of a friend of mind applied for the Park Service but flunked the physical exam. One requirement was that the applicant be able to jump 19" straight up. Just 19 inches! He's 23 and fancied himself to be in good shape... but he flunked. Sheesh. Maybe he'd do better with the Border Patrol ;-)


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